Fluorine Resistant Glass For Windows

(AFO Poseidon Glass Line)

AFO Research Inc. (AFO) developed a new generation of window glass (AFO Poseidon Glass) that has been proven to be resistant to fluorine gases.  This is significant in many worldwide industries (such as Water Treatment Facilities) that utilize fluorine and hydrofluoric acids.

AFO created and tested this new glass in response to inquiries by several industry leaders who were addressing safety and security issues stemming from window glasses that became non-transparent after being exposed to fluorine gas environments.  The glass products, including window panels and gauge glasses, developed an opaque (cloudy/etched) layer and worsened with time.

Clouded glass raises safety and security issues and becomes a prominent problem for device manufacturers and end users who operate equipment in these environments primarily because it becomes difficult to inspect rooms, view outside activity, and read instrument gauges.

Major disadvantages of current commercially available window glasses include:


  • Safety hazards due to the limited visual access to equipment’s operating parts (i.e., the pressure gauge readings);
  • Security hazards of not being able to accurately and quickly view secure locations containing hazardous chemicals;
  • Maintenance and down time costs saving associated with having to replace window parts as frequently; and
  • Reduction of overall equipment performance capabilities.


Advantages of having AFO Poseidon window glasses that are resistant to fluorine gases are:


  • Dramatically increasing the safety standards by allowing complete visual access to equipment’s operating parts (i.e., the pressure gauge readings);
  • Enhancing visibility to ensure security to restricted areas; and
  • Reducing maintenance costs and improving the overall performance of the equipment.


Applications for AFO Poseidon glass include: pressure gauges glass windows; electronic equipment glass windows; protective shield windows for equipment exposed to harsh fluorine gases; chemical room doors windows and sealed chamber door windows for visual access. AFO Poseidon glass can be custom manufactured to fit your specific need in sizes from small gauges to large windows.

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Current industry glass exposed to fluorine gases

AFO’s new Poseidon Glass after exposure to fluorine gases

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