Selected Technology Development Papers

Silicon-micromachined microchannel plates; Beetz, Charles P.; Boerstler, Robert; Steinbeck, John;(ATM Inc) Lemieux, Bryan; Winn, David R. (Fairfield) Microchannel plates (MCP) fabricated from standard silicon wafer substrates using a novel silicon micro machining process are described. NIM Section A,v. 442(1-3);11 Mar 2000; p. 443-451


Parallel Cerenkov (Quartz) Fiber R&D


1. Cherenkov Fiber Sampling Calorimeters, K. Arrington, D. Kefford, J. Kennedy, R. Pisani, C. Sanzeni, K. Segall, D. Wall, D.R. Winn (Fairfield), R. Carey,         S. Dye (Boston) et al.. 1994. IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci. 41 (1994) 840-844 Presented D.R Winn


2. 1994 CERN Test beam Results of a 0° Fiber Cerenkov Calorimeter", with K.Arrington et al., CMS TN/94-327, December, 1994.


3. Beam Test Results from a Fine-Sampling Calorimeter for Electron, Photon, and Hadron Detection”, with N.Akchurin et al., NIM A399, 202 (1997)


4. Test beam results of CMS quartz fiber calorimeter prototype and simulation of response to high energy hadron jets”, N. Akchurin et al. NIM A409, 593 (1998)


5. Energy resolution and the linearity of the CMS forward quartz fibre calorimeter pre-production-prototype (PPP-I) A.S. Ayan et al., J.Phys. G30 (2004) N33-N44


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An ELectromagnetic and MUon Detector for the SSC


M. Fortner, D. Hedin (N. Illinois), S. Linn (Florida State, SCRI), E.M. Wang (LBL), D. Winn (Fairfield), H. Yamamoto (UCLA). Feb 1991. 55 pp. FSU-SCRI-91T-15, FSU-SCRI-91-15, LBL-30297, SSC-EOI0018, SSCL-SR-1176


Diamond film optical, X-ray and particle detectors C.P. Beetz, B. Lincoln (ATM, Inc), D.R. Winn, K. Segall, M. Vasas, D. Wall (Fairfield U.). 1991. IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci. 38 (1991) 107-109


High Frequency Betatrons, D. R. Winn, 1991 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, IEEE 91CH3100-5, 2874 (1991) ISBN 0-7803-0513-2 C90-10-15 Proceedings


Optical Detector R&D:


1. High Gain Photodetectors Formed by Nano/Micromachining and Nanofabrication, David R Winn, 2007 IEEE Nuc.Sci. Symp Conf. Rec.,1-4244-0923-3/07, N06-1, p 65 (2007)


2. Light Amplifier/Compressor Photodetectors and Applications, David R. Winn et al., 2007 IEEE Nuc.Sci. Symp Conf. Rec., 1-4244-0923-3/07, N24-102, 1241-1247 (2007)


3. Large Photocathodes for Large Calorimetry, D. R. Winn, IEEE Trans.Nuc.Sci NS-36, No.1, 128 (1989)


Secondary Emission Calorimetry: Fast and Radiation-Hard Fairfield University - University of Iowa - Argonne Collaboration A.Albayrak-Yetkin, B.Bilki, J.Corso, P.Debbins, G.Jennings, V.Khristenko, A.Mestvirisvilli, Y.Onel, I.Schmidt, C.Sanzeni, D.Southwick, D.R.Winn*, T.Yetkin *Corresponding Author Snowmass White Paper; arXiv:1307.8051 [physics.ins-det]


Thin Films of Barium Fluoride Scintillator Deposited by Chemical Vapor Deposition, P.S. Kirlin, R. Binder (ATM Inc), D.R. Winn, J. O'Hare, C. LaPierre, M. Whitmore (Fairfield) NIM V289, 261 (1990) Presented D.R.Winn


Calibration Of High-energy Physics Detectors Using Neutrons Generated From Compact Accelerator D - D And D - T Reactions D.R. Winn (Schlumberger-Doll Research) IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci. 33 (1986) 213-216


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Liquid Scintillator Techniques R&D


1. High speed liquid scintillator techniques for calorimetry and triggering C.R. Hurlbut, W. Moser (Bicron, Newbury), J. Flournoy (EGG, Goleta), D.R. Winn, C. LaPierre, M. Whitmore (Fairfield U.). 1990. IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci. 37 (1990) 1176-1181


2. Quartz Cladding Flexible Liquid Core Scintillating Fibers; K. Arrington, D. Winn et al., Proc. Conf.Rec.1993 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium , IEEE Pub. 0-7803-1487-5/94, 700 (1994) Presented by D.R. Winn


3. Water Based Scintillators For Large Scale Liquid Calorimetry D.R. Winn, D. Raftery (Harvard).IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci. 32 (1985) 727-732


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A Selection of Principal Publications

CMS experiment at LHC:


1. Observation of a New Boson at a Mass of 125 GeV with the CMS Experiment at the LHC CMS Collaboration, S. Chatrchyan et al., Phys.Lett. B716 (2012) 30-61 also arXiv:1207.7235 - Cited by 4059 records


2. Measurement of the B(s) to mu+ mu- branching fraction and search for B0 to mu+ mu- with the CMS Experiment CMS Collaboration, S. Chatrchyan et al., 17 pp. Phys.Rev.Lett. 111 (2013) 101804; also arXiv:1307.5025 [hep-ex] - Cited by 178 records


3. Determination of Jet Energy Calibration and Transverse Momentum Resolution in CMS CMS Collaboration (S. Chatrchyan et al.) JINST 6 (2011) P11002


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4. Test beam results of CMS quartz fiber calorimeter prototype and simulation of response to high energy hadron jets, N. Akchurin et al. NIM A409, 593 (1998)


Muon (g-2):


1. Final Report of the Muon E821 Anomalous Magnetic Moment Measurement at BNL Muon g-2 Collab, G.W. Bennett et al., Phys.Rev. D73 (2006) 072003


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2. An Improved Limit on the Muon Electric Dipole Moment, Muon (g-2) Collab, G.W. Bennett et al. 19 pp. Phys.Rev. D80 (2009) 052008 - Cited by 88 records


Proton Decay and Astrophysics:


1. A Search for Nucleon Decay With Multiple Muon Decays , HPW Harvard Purdue Wisconsin Collaboration, T.J. Phillips et al., Phys.Lett. B224 (1989) 348-352


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2. A Search For Neutrino Bursts From Stellar Collapse D. Joutras, D. Cline, G. Kalkanis, R. Loveless, R. March, J. Matthews, A. More, R. Morse (Wisconsin) , E. Aprile, K.L. Giboni T.J. Phillips, C. Rubbia, D. Winn, W. Worstell (Harvard) J. Gaidos, R.McHenry, J.Negret, T.Palfrey, G.Sembrowski, C.Wilson(Purdue) Apr 20, 1987. Astrophys.Lett.Commun. 27 (1988) 257


Accelerator R&D:


1. Status of Muon Collider Research and Development and Future Plans C.Ankenbrandt et al. Phys.Rev.ST Accel.Beams 2 (1999) 081001 BNL-65623, FERMILAB-PUB-98-179, LBNL-41935, LBL-41935


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2. Beam dynamics problems in a muon collider Robert B. Palmer, Juan Gallardo, Richard Fernow, Harold Kirk, I. Stumer, Y.Y. Lee, M. Syphers, Y. Torun (BNL), David Winn (Fairfield/BNL), David Neuffer (Jefferson) Yang Cho, James Norem (Argonne) , N. Mokhov, R.Noble, A. Tollestrup (Fermilab) , R Scanlan, S.Caspi(LBL) , O.Napoly (DAPNIA) 11ICFA Beam Dyn.Newslett. 8 (1995) 27-33 e-Print: acc-phys/9503002


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3. An e+ e- Top Factory in a 50-TeV + 50-TeV Hadron Collider Tunnel J. Norem, J. Jagger, S. Sharma (Argonne), E. Keil (CERN), G.W. Foster, E. Malamud (FNAL), E. Chojnacki (Cornell) D. Winn (Fairfield) Conf.Proc. C970512 (1997) 363-368 ;ANL-HEP-CP-99-44


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Compensating Hadron Calorimeters With Cherenkov Light D.R. Winn (Fairfield), W.A. Worstell (Boston) IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci. 36 (1989) 334-338 Presented by D.R.Winn at Conference: C88-11-09; (R.Wigmans, Session Chair)


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High energy Neutrino Interactions Fermilab (E1A/)E310:


1. Yield of Prompt Like Sign Dimuons From Neutrino Interactions Harvard Penn Wisconsin Collaboration E310 T.Trinko et al., Phys.Rev. D23 (1981) 1889


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2. Measurement of the Structure Functions in Neutrino and Anti-neutrino Inelastic Interactions, Harvard Penn Wisconsin Collaboration E310, A.C. Benvenuti, et al. P.R.L. 42 (1979) 1317


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3. Rates and Properties of Opposite Sign Dimuons From Neutrinos and Anti-neutrinos Harvard Penn Wisconsin Collaboration E310 A.C. Benvenuti et al.P.R.L. 41 (1978) 1204


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The Possibility of Observing Neutral Current Decays of the ?(3.1) J. Rich (Harvard), D.R. Winn (Wisconsin). 10 pp. Phys.Rev. D14 (1976) 1283 Print-76-0218 (HARVARD)


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K, p Interactions on protons using a Hybrid Bubble Chamber: 1. K+ p Interactions at 100-GeV Using a Hybrid Bubble Chamber-Spark Chamber System and a Tagged Beam; V.E.Barnes, D.Carmony, R.Christian, A.Garfinkel, W.M.Morse, T.Mulera, L.K.Rangan (Purdue), R.N.Diamond, A.R.Erwin, E.Harvey, D.R.Winn (Wisconsin) Phys.Rev.Lett. 34 (1975) 415


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2. Search for a Difference Between the Strange and Nonstrange Quark of the K+ Meson A.R.Erwin, E.Harvey, R.J.Loveless, M.Thompson, D.R.Winn,V.E. Barnes, D. Carmony, R. Christian, A. Garfinkel, W.Morse et al. P.R.L. 36 (1976) 636


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