Jeffery Roseme

Senior Advisor

Mr. Roseme was born in 1959 in Plainfield, New Jersey.  He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in January 1983 with a B.A. in Economics.  In 1999 Mr. Roseme was elected to VMI’s sports Hall of Fame.


Mr. Roseme became a member of the Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa exchange in 1987 which today was bought out by the Intercontinental Exchange( ICE) and developed a floor operation specializing in executing complex trading strategies for a global institutional clientele. In March of 2007 he sold his floor operation J+J Sugar Traders to ICAP which is the largest OTC trading firm in the world and is traded on the London Stock Exchange.


In 1999 Mr. Roseme joined his brother Stephen Roseme to create the Bridgeton Companies.  These two firms, consisting of Bridgeton Global Investor Services, Inc. and Bridgeton Capital Management, Inc., provide clients access to investment returns outside traditional stock and bond allocations.  The firm also provides research and retail trading for smaller clients.


Today, Mr Roseme remains a member of ICE.

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